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All diamonds today are sold in one of these 12 round or fancy diamond shapes.
Round Cut diamond is the most popular shape account for nearly 75% of all diamonds sold worldwide. Due to inherent quality of spherical shape, round diamonds have superior characteristics than other fancy shapes diamonds.
Princess Cut diamond is the 2nd most popular fancy shape, used in engagement rings. The princess cut is a relatively new diamond cut, having been created in the 60's.
Oval Cut diamond
Marquise Cut diamond
Heart Cut diamond
Emerald Cut diamond have rectilinear facets arranged parallel to the girdle, creating a step. Hence, sometimes referred to as step-cut stones. Emerald cut diamonds are hugely popular in Art Deco creation, and prominently featured in Antique Jewelry.
Pear Cut diamond
Asscher Cut diamond
Heart Cut diamond
Cushion Cut diamond
Trillian Cut diamond
Baguette Cut diamond
Radiant Cut diamond